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Sheepskin appearance and general information

LA Uggs only uses 1st grade Twin face Australian sheepskins.

The skins, which we use, are the “Skin of the beast”, so to speak; there is no interference from humans apart from the tanning processes, which go into the production of the sheepskins, which we use. They are the way nature intended.

When speaking of “Twin face” it means that the sheepskin has been tanned and prepared in a manner that both sides of the skin are highly presentable.
From the outside the skin has an even suede finish whilst the inside presents a trimmed 16mm, even cut fleece.

Why 16mm? If the fleece is any longer than 16mm the actual size and fitting of the footwear can be  ompromised, any shorter and the footwear may not offer the natural warmth, comfort and insulation that sheepskin is renowned for.
16mm is considered the best length throughout the sheepskin footwear industry for the production of  heepskin footwear.

Why do some skins look and feel shorter than 16mm? Much in the same way that humans all grown their hair differently, be it texture, density, curl or straightness, in the same way sheep all grow their wool differently. Even  though in the paddock most sheep look the same – when it comes to the skins and wool a thorough examination will show differences. Even the methods and preparation of the skins in different tanning facilities can produce different looking skins. A skin, which has been tanned using old style traditional methods, will come out of the process looking different to one, which has been tanned using more modern techniques.

Sometimes in sheepskins evidence of the natural aspect of them can be seen in a finished product. This may include but is not limited to scars from everything from fences right through to grass seeds which lodge themselves in the sheep’s wool and then work their way down into the skin of the animal. Occasionally skins will come through with rib marks on them, which will look like lines on the skin. Scars, rib marks and the like normally do not pose any risk in the quality of the product, as normally when an injury has occurred in the animal much in same way as humans the scar tissue which grows back is stronger and thicker than the original tissue which was there. It is normally only from an aesthetic point of view that people don’t like these marks. This is probably due to the fact we live in a world of mass produced, consistent, rarely unique products.
Any mark, scar or area which is determined to not meet our quality standards is not used in the final product; these are cut out during the manufacture process.

Stitching: All LA Uggs footwear is double stitched to provide durability to the finished seams. Most of the stitching which can be seen from the outside of the boot is an “over locking” stitch; this is the most common form of stitching in ugg boots. The thread used is a bonded nylon, which is very strong.

EVA Rubber Sole: All LA Uggs footwear features what is known as an EVA Rubber sole. EVA stands for Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, and it is not actually a form of rubber, it is a durable plastic foam material.
EVA has been used for many years throughout the ugg boot industry.
It is flexible, well wearing and does complement sheepskin well, as a sole material.
It is very important that the sole of an ugg boot be flexible because if the sole is to firm and does not flex properly with the boot when walking it may in fact tear the upper.
Some people find that when they first put their new sheepskin footwear on, there is a little slipping in the heel area. This could be caused because the soles can be a little stiff when new, but as they age they do soften a little and flex better with the footwear thus reducing the slipping problem on the heel area.

Warranty: All LA Uggs footwear is warranted against manufacturing faults.
Manufacturing faults usually present themselves quite quickly. LA Uggs does have very high quality control. In the event of a manufacturing fault or a repair required due to “wear and tear” on an item, please let us know and we will work with you to have the item repaired and returned to you as soon as possible.
Please see our terms and conditions for full details on warranty and returns by clicking *Here*

Benefits of sheepskin: Humans have used Skin of all descriptions for thousands of years for warmth and protection against the elements. Sheepskin in particular presents amazing insulating properties, which has been enjoyed, by millions of people for generations.
Sheepskin provides natural warmth and comfort, especially to those who suffer debilitating conditions such as arthritis. It encourages warmth and blood flow to these effected joints and areas. Medically, sheepskin products have been used and proven time and time again.
So no matter whether you are wearing ugg boots for comfort, warmth or because you have a medical condition, you will be doing yourself a kindness.


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