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Terms & Conditions

About these terms and conditions.
Contract of supply.
General terms and conditions.
Returns and exchanges.
Import duties, taxes and restrictions.
Currency conversion.
Shipping charges and dispatch.

About these terms and conditions.

Our terms and conditions are set forth below. Please read them carefully.

By using our website you are accepting our terms and conditions.

LA Uggs is based in NSW Australia, therefore we are governed by the laws of our state and country, by entering a contract of supply with us; you are agreeing to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of that state.

With the exception of our responsibility under prescription or implied by law we shall not be liable for and damages whatsoever in relation to this websites content or product supplied.

Contract of supply.

By preparing and submitting an order with us you agree to these terms and conditions and are entering a contract for the supply of products.

These terms and conditions can not be super ceded by any other terms and conditions.

The contract of supply can not be varied unless agreed between parties in writing or by email.

General terms and conditions.

All orders are at our discretion and we reserve the right to refuse an order without reason. Should money have been received by us in anticipation of supply, those monies will be refunded using the same method in which they were received.

In the event of an item not being available, temporarily unavailable or only part of a multiple item order being available we will make a *reasonable attempt to contact you on the information you have supplied us in your order, to reach an agreement on refund, order variance or back order options available.

In the event we are unable to reach you after a *reasonable attempt, we will refund the money within a *reasonable time, in the same manner in which it was received by us.

Please ensure all data is entered correctly into the specific areas prior to order submission. LA Uggs can not be held responsible for incorrect details, as submitted by you. This includes but is not limited to addresses, phone numbers, style and sizing.

Sizing of shoes and footwear can be unique to specific countries, therefore we encourage you to investigate and research our sizing versus that of the footwear you are use to buying.

As there is no universal shoe sizing available we rely on the customer (you) to be aware of shoe size variance and take that into consideration when ordering.

We do have instructions on how to measure your foot along with an area to input that information (on products which have a dependence on shoe sizing). Please read the information carefully and supply a measurement as requested should you have any confusion (foot length measurements give us the most accurate opportunity to convert our fittings to your required size).

LA Uggs will use the information provided in the order to complete it and therefore can not be held responsible if the information received is incorrect.

LA Uggs will not be held responsible for the costs incurred by returning a product to us where incorrect sizing or any incorrect information for that matter, has been entered into the contract by the customer and we have followed the information given to for fill our responsibilities to the contract.

Although every effort is taken to ensure the accuracy of the information supplied on this site, LA Uggs takes no responsibility

If within 30 days of purchase your product shows signs of being defective, please let us know immediately using our on-line return form. After receiving confirmation to return the product, send it back to us and if it is indeed defective as determined by LA Uggs quality control, we will take the necessary steps to ensure that you (the customer) is not out of pocket for the return and we will promptly have a replacement sent to you at our expense.

Returns and exchanges.

All exchanges and returns will require an authorization number which will be supplied to you by us, upon receipt of your submission of the return/exchange form which can be located on our site.

Filling out this form allows us to manage your return quickly and easily.

Failure to fill out the on-line return form may see your parcel rejected by us and returned to you at your expense including any applicable shipping and/or import/export duties.

We strongly encourage you to send your parcel back to us using a traceable method of shipment.

LA Uggs will not be held responsible for any parcels lost, delayed or the like, whilst in the hands of a shipping/freight/postal company or organization and we reserve the right to deny a refund, where one is being requested, should the return items have not been received by us.

*Please refer to our shipping and returns page for more information on shipping and returns.

Import duties

Please be aware that import duties and restrictions may be applicable in your country.

LA Uggs assumes no responsibility for any import taxes or duties which may be applied.

If you are unsure of your responsibilities when purchasing and having an item shipped to you please contact your local customs department or relevant body.

Currency conversion

All prices noted on our website are listed in Australian Dollars.

Your credit card will be charged in Australian Dollars and paypal payments need to be made in Australian Dollars.

LA Uggs assumes no responsibility for currency conversions or fees applied by financial institutions when payments are converted into Australian dollars. Orders will only be dispatched when the total of the order is received by us in full, in Australian dollars.

Shipping charges and dispatch

If an item is listed as “Free Shipping”, no additional charges will apply for shipping.

Any variance to our overnight express shipping (in terms of custom made, material supply and manufacturing unforseen issues) to you will be explained in detail upon reciept of your order (via phone, email or telephone text message) and should you not agree to any delay in shipping (as advised via email, phone text  message or phone conversation) we will immediately refund the purchase price of your order using the payment method chosen by you, upon reciept of request of a refund.

Changes to site and prices

LA Uggs reserve the right to change any or all of our prices and products including postage costs at any time without notice.


GST is applicable to Australia and all its states.

GST is automatically calculated into the total of your order, should you be ordering from Australia.

This includes orders which have been ordered from Australia and are being shipped to international destinations.

If the original purchaser and the delivery address are both originating from international countries. GST is not applied to the order and the total of the order is considered GST free.

*A reasonable attempt is to be considered one or all of the points below.

  • Sending an email to the address supplied on the order up to 2 times (should no response be received after the 1st attempt).
  • Telephoning the number supplied on the order up to 2 times (should no response be received after the 1st attempt).
  • Writing a letter and posting it to the address supplied in the order (under purchaser information – not delivery) up to 1 time.

*Reasonable time definition.

  • Reasonable time is defined as the amount of time fairly necessary, conveniently, to do whatever is required to be done, as soon as circumstances permit.
  • In the absence of an expressed or fixed time established by the parties to an agreement or contract, reasonable time will apply.
  • The amount of time considered reasonable will be determined by the progress of the action to which reasonable time is being applied. For example we may return funds within a set period of time if a contracted party has not contacted us in regards to an order, after we have for filled our reasonable attempt. Although we endeavor to follow this practice there may be unique exceptions and once we have for filled our requirement in terms of a refund (for example) we can not be held responsible for the actions of the financial institutions in terms of the funds being deposited into the parties account.

*Shipping and returns.

       Shipping & Returns

*’Working days’ constitutes:

  • Monday to Friday.
  • Excludes all weekends and public holidays relevant to the state of NSW and Australia.


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