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Care and Washing instructions

How should my new sheepskin footwear feel?

For Adults or teens who have finished growing:
Your new sheepskin slippers/boots should be very firm to tight fitting particularly around the front in the toe area.The natural sheepskin inside will settle to the shape of your foot and the suede leather finish on the outside will physically get bigger. They can stretch as much as a full size sometimes so please be sure to take this into consideration when selecting your new slippers/boots. If they do happen to stretch too much, sheepskin innersoles can help to take up this extra space. These are available on by clicking the innersoles link on the left hand side of the home page.
For children and infants:
The fitting for a child should allow a little room for growth if you would like the child to wear them for a period of time. When the child has the footwear on, get them to make sure their heel is right in the back of the boot (children do tend to push their foot right forward in them making them appear to small on first inspection), this can be done by manual manipulation of the foot or alternately having them sit or stand one legged and ‘tap’ the heel of the boot on the ground. This helps to push the heel into the correct position in the heel of the boot. Then get them to stand nice and straight, using your thumb or pointer finger push on the front, there should be a ‘thumb’ or ‘finger’ width of room between the end of their big toe and the bound edge of the boot.
Washing your new sheepskin footwear
Hand Wash your new sheepskin footwear in Luke warm water with a good quality wool wash, rinse thoroughly with clean water and then place in the shade to dry.
Please make sure to hand wash sheepskin, as the agitators in washing machines can be too violent for them.
Hanging sheepskin footwear upside down will help excess water drain away and expedite the drying process.
In cooler weather drying may take a couple of days, but it is much better to allow drying to take place slowly.
It is important NOT to put your sheepskin in the sun to dry or expose them to heat such as fires, dryers or heaters.
Sunlight and excess heat dries the sheepskin too quickly and can leave it irreparably hard and damaged.
Please do not wash them in bleach products or with harsh chemicals or detergents.
Soaking your footwear for long periods of time may cause damage to them.
Sheepskin is a natural product, which will offer you comfort and warmth.
Whether you have had sheepskin footwear before or if this is your first pair, you will quickly discover the benefits to this type of footwear. Another great feature of sheepskin is that it breathes.
Sheepskin footwear is ideal for those with circulation problems, as it encourages warmth in the feet/ankles.
Ask about custom-made arm or leg wraps. People with arthritis will benefit from sheepskin footwear as they know all to well what Cold weather does to those joints affected. There is a range of sheepskin footwear styles available at L.A Uggs from long classic boots, short boots, kids boots, scuffs (slip on’s) right through to custom made sheepskin boots designed exclusively for you.


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